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OPFOR soldiers on a training exercise

About us

The Human Terrain Group (HTG) began as a means to provide opportunities and employment to Veterans. We now deliver an enduring sovereign human terrain capability to our clients that is second to none.

We are committed to consolidating all of our collective skills, knowledge, and experience to provide an end-to-end solution for defence, law enforcement, emergency services, airlines & transportation, health, and private industry.

We recognised that the scale of required services for a complete human terrain capability is such that no individual company in Australia has the ability to fulfil this type of requirement in its entirety.


In order to successfully deliver human terrain services to our clients, a group of companies formed to cooperate and collaborate as a single entity: The Human Terrain Group (HTG), with the combined capabilities to support any project, production, activity, and scenario.

Our experience

HTG has already proven to have deep skills, knowledge, and experience in providing quality human terrain services and capability, conducting joint project and training planning, and understanding our client’s unique requirements.​

Our collected experience includes:

  • Provision of trusted, contracted human terrain services to the ADF.

  • Provision of contracted role players and associated support to the entertainment industry, with up to 900 role players used for major motion pictures and television productions.

  • Provision of contracted weapons, ammunition, and special effects (SFX) in complete compliance with local, state and federal licencing requirements, legislation and policy.

  • Exceptional agility, adaptability and flexibility to meet the complex nature of major motion pictures, television and full mission profile defence training activities.

  • Planning and delivering major defence exercises focused on human terrain, including at the individual, collective, and coalition Five Eyes levels.

Why choose HTG

  • Fit for purpose – customised to our clients’ requirements, projects, productions and activities.

  • End-to-end - turn key solutions.

  • Efficient – one stop shop for all required services.

  • Value for money – cost effective alternative.

  • Modular – select the desired components – from base requirements to optional services.

  • Scalable – from small to large human terrain footprint.

  • Mobile – deployment of resources and support anywhere, anytime.

  • We have experience providing services nationwide or globally.

We provide support and opportunities for Veterans.

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