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When communication is critical


Motorola x HTG join forces to provide next generation communications technology solutions whenever and where ever needed. The lifeline and safety your mission depend on.

The Human Terrain Group specialises in providing end to end solutions for multi-national, critical training and development of Defence, law enforcement, emergency services, NGOs and private industry. We have partnered with Motorola Solutions to provide customised communication capabilities to enhance safety and improve situational awareness. Break down C4I technology barriers with integrated voice plus video security and analytics, on base or on deployment.

Together we provide a mission critical eco-system to asses, procure, configure, and deploy the latest technology into the field. Motorola Solutions with the support of HTG will provide familiarisation training for personnel to operate equipment and security cleared in the field technicians. 


Motorola Solutions x HTG provide simple, highly mobile and secure solutions to meet your operational needs. With next generation repeaters, round the clock reliable operations and coverage we can deliver major installations in remote and inhospitable locations. With low cost power consumption and ownership that is space efficient with a low thermal footprint.

Book a consultation today and let us take care of all your communications challenges.

Capability fact sheet

Learn more about Motorola Solutions military capabilities and solutions here.


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