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Industries we service


We offer advanced training and mission support to improve critical thinking and decision making of your soldiers and team.  HTG brings together an elite network of people, technology, equipment and experience all in one place to train your team to successfully execute their mission.

Military vehicles on training exercise

Law Enforcement & Emergency Services

HTG provides specialist consultancy capabilities for law enforcement & emergency services to facilitate realistic exercises and training. We live in challenging times where the use of force is heavily scrutinised.  There is an increased need for simulated training to allow officers to practice real-world scenarios to deliver better outcomes for officers and the community.

Law enforcement officer in training exercise

Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)

NGOs have a critical role in helping society and communities at large. In these complex times it is increasingly important that your teams are equipped to handle any hostile environments or situations that might arise. HTG can help prepare your team to ensure their safety and security.

Group of people putting hands together

Airlines & Transportation

HTG provides specialist security consultancy to airline and transportation companies to provide employees with the right training to handle any hostile situation. We provide training that helps your employees and team handle real world scenarios to ensure their personal safety and, the safety of their crew and customers.

Airhostess on a plane


HTG provides specialist consultancy capabilities to heath service providers. We provide realistic real-world training for your staff and team. With increasingly hostile environments there is a need for prevention, de-escalation and security training.

Healthcare workers in a hospital walking

Private Industry

HTG provides specialist consultancy capabilities to private industry. We can provide training and consultancy for security, executive protection, and event security.

Security guard at an office location

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